Healthy eating starts with home-cooked mealsIf you have recently picked up cooking, you will quickly realize how difficult it is to prepare and cook your favorite dishes. You have to do the grocery shopping, prepping up of ingredients, prepping up of utensils, cooking, and clean-up after. All-in-all, it takes at least two hours for you to do this full cycle. If you have to do this twice or thrice a day, or if you have to cook for your family, cooking takes a big chunk of your time. And if you work full-time, there is more reason for you to want to eat takeaway or to find enough reasons not to want to cook at home.

“But cooking is easy!” You may find your mother or friend telling you this when you share that you don’t have time to cook. Some people may find it easy to judge and put the blame on you for not having time to cook; but in reality, it can be difficult especially if both parents are working full-time. For example, you want to have carbonara for dinner. If you’re going to make everything from scratch, you have to purchase pasta (assuming that you will not make this yourself), olive oil, butter, onion, bacon (optional), mushrooms, cream, and cheese. Then, once through with grocery shopping, you must prep the ingredients up, so that means, chopping, slicing, and shredding as advised by the recipe. After your prep, you then have to cook the dish according to the recipe. Then, the most-dreaded clean-up of all utensils used.

If you add in all the time that it takes for you from doing your grocery shopping to cleaning your utensils, it can be too much for someone who is busy all day with work and with running all other errands. Compare this to just purchasing the carbonara dish from a restaurant. The latter takes you at most 20 minutes, from the purchase to the clean-up. There are no more dishes to clean, and no more ingredients to put away.

Comparing cooking at home with eating out, cooking trumps out eating out any day if you put health and finances into consideration. Cooking at home will always be cheaper compared to eating out, and it is healthier because you exactly know what you put into your body.

Preparing your own meals can also save you moneyAs you can see, cooking has a lot of advantages that will make you want to commit to it. Lots of new cooks make mistakes that are easily avoidable. Avoiding these mistakes will make you feel all the more motivated to continue to pursue cooking at home.

Here are the most common cooking mistakes that you must correct right now:

1. You don’t take measurements seriously

You may feel like measurements are nothing, and there is always room for error. However, if you want to get a good “feel” of cooking, and if you want to develop a taste for the dish you are preparing, take measurements seriously. You are not yet an expert to be able to have that freedom to shift away from the recipe. For now, as a beginner, follow instructions and make an effort to measure everything correctly.

2. You want to cook complicated dishes

There is nothing wrong with wanting to cook complicated dishes. However, if you are busy and you say you have no time to cook, it is best to go with recipes that are healthy, filling, yet do not have to take days for you to prepare. As a beginner, you want to stay motivated. So, keep yourself motivated by going with simple dishes for now.

These are the typical cooking mistakes you must correct right now if you want to improve your cooking skills. So you don’t get too overwhelmed in the beginning, go with meal kit deliveries (check out a Sun Basket review) that allow you to get prepped up ingredients delivered to your doorstep. With this service, you get to focus on the cooking aspect. It is a good primer if you want to get a “feel” of what cooking at home is like.

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