There are those good days when you just enjoy being on the journey to becoming a mom. The beautiful feeling you get when your little one is moving around in your belly and kicking is just amazing. However, there are those times when you wake up to some serious morning sickness especially during the first trimester. This is when you feel really bad and just can’t help but wonder why you. Well, it is all worth it because you will bring to this world a wonderful little human.

Because of this good and bad days, it is a good idea to take a day and just pamper yourself. Forget about all those worries and enjoy the day as you bond with your unborn child.

Ways to pamper yourself

How do I pamper myself you may ask well, there a few ways you can do this;

Benefits of meditation lets you focus on your pregnancy1. Take some time to relax

Run yourself a hot bath in the tub and just soak for an hour or so without worrying about anything or anyone else. Go the extra mile and use some relaxing essential oils to enhance the scent and sprinkle some of your favorite flowers in the water.

Do this while reading your current favorite book or listening to your best podcaster but do not do this while scrolling through social media. This is your time to unwind and be in your own space going through social media will only expose you to other people’s lives.

Meditating would also be a good way to relax and get composed for the following day or tasks ahead.

2. Indulge in one of your guilty pleasures

This could be anything you don’t do on a daily basis, but you would love to. It should be something you love and would lift your spirits. Binge watch your favorite shows and catch up on all the episodes you have missed because of your busy life.

Order in some of your best food and eat your day away. Have fun as you do this and be present at the moment.

3. Get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer

Plan a picnic with some of your friends or your significant other and really enjoy yourself. Play some games because this will make you bond even better and get you moving since we all know movement will be good for you. If you have any other children, this will be a great opportunity for them to expend their energy.

Being out in the sun and enjoying the fresh air is good for you and the baby. As you have fun with your family and friends be sure to laugh and enjoy your time together.

4. Go for a dinner date or have a staycation

Plan a date with your husband and dress up well for the night. Accessorize and wear your best dinner dress and feel pretty for the night. Do not let the fact that you are pregnant get in the way of you getting yourself all dolled up and looking pretty.

Allow yourself a night away from your kids and your home, get a room at a nice hotel and enjoy the service. Have fun and let go of all your day to day responsibilities and enjoy being served by someone else

5. Have a spa day

Have a massage, get some manicure and pedicure, have your body scrubbed to remove all the dead skin and dirt.

Having a prenatal massage will relieve you of any backaches, shoulder tension and reduce tiredness. Book a massage with a licensed therapist who specializes in maternal massage and can surely give you the service you deserve. This will help you relax and have a smoother time during your pregnancy.

Having your nails done and body scrubbed really well will leave you feeling pretty and make you happier. The happier you are the more your body release endorphins that help relax your body.

Retail and massage therapy can get you off pregnancy stress6. Shop, shop and shop some more

This is what a lot of women call retail therapy and is a very good way to pamper yourself. Go out and get some flattery clothes for your growing belly do not wait until you have nothing to wear.

Many women get worried by the fact the only clothes available for pregnant mothers are big buggy non-flattery clothes. Well, that has changed since many people and brands have come out with amazing clothing that will be good for your body.

This is also a perfect opportunity to get some clothes for your little one. If you are aware of your child’s gender, go ahead and buy everything he/she would need. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and prepare in advance.

7. Visit your hairdresser

Go to your hairdresser and get yourself a makeover. Search the internet for a good hairstyle that you would like to try out and do it. Wear your new hairdo and slay all the way. This will be a good thing because due to your changing hormones you find that your hair may start experiencing some breakage. Having a good hairstyle will leave you looking beautiful.

8. Get some beauty sleep

There are nights when you’ll not be in a position to sleep well because of the many aches and heartburn you may experience. So sleep more on the weekends and nap once or twice a day to compensate on the lost sleep.

Pampering yourself is a must do to help you relax and enjoy the whole pregnancy journey. Take time to do something that makes you happy, not because of someone else but for your own sake. Have fun while as you go through this beautiful journey.


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