After the asphalt is first laid down, it always looks good. It’s unblemished, smooth, and dark. However, your asphalt can get stains from debris, leaves, vehicle fluids, etc. over time. Know that that inevitably occurs from time to time. However, the best thing about choosing asphalt is that it is simple to clean. Listed below are some of the ways you can eliminate asphalt stains and keep your parking lot or driveway look new.  

How to Clean Asphalt? 

In order to remove stains from your asphalt and clean it properly, you should apply the following steps:  

Allow oil spots to absorb 

When the stain is apparently grease or oil that’s leaked from a car, the first thing you should do is to absorb as much of it as possible. Then sprinkle cat litter or sawdust on top of the oil stain. Allow it to stay like that for a couple of hours or even overnight. But make sure that it will not rain. After that, you need to sweep up the absorbent material as much as possible to prevent the oil from dispersing.   

Eliminate debris 

Make sure to eliminate any debris—dirt, gravel, leaves, or grass— you can find from your driveway. This will also help eliminate any cat litter or sawdust that you’re unable to remove. Be careful to use a pressure washer when you’re not trained to do it. Make sure to learn how to properly use it first so that you can prevent causing damages to your driveway.  

Apply soap 

To remove grease or oil, using dish soap would be a good idea. Moreover, powdered detergent also works wonders. There are a few particular cleaners that are intended for asphalt cleaning and maintenance and some cleaning products that are made to be environmentally friendly because the cleaner you utilize will run into the soil and grass all over your driveway. Making an all-natural cleaning solution made out of vinegar would also do a great job on asphalts.  


Make sure to thoroughly rinse off the soap in your driveway. Otherwise, you could wind up having soap stains that’ll need further cleaning to eliminate.  

When you can find any stains that are hard to remove, you can always feel free to reach out to your asphalt paving company and request some tips, hacks, and even suggestions on how to remove stains on asphalt well.  

Seal your asphalt regularly to prevent stains 

The greatest thing to achieve a stain-free driveway is to prevent stains in the first place. Even though your cars are all in great condition and do not leak any oil, you can always encounter that one delivery truck, friend’s car, or just the leaves that fall from the nearby trees that can take a toll on your driveway surface. Fortunately, you can protect your driveway by having it sealed regularly. Make sure to get your asphalt sealed every one to three years or even more frequently if required. Ask the professional’s help from if you don’t know how to seal your driveway properly.